The ice started on Wednesday, continuing thru Christmas evening and proceeded to snow and wind.

Common sights around town and near town December 24-28, 2009.

REC and BBC out of Joplin, MO a mile west of Manning (Aspen), two days in a row these poles were snapping the T at the top.

SNOW PLOWS and Power companies working together.

No ice fishing today on the pond at Great Western Park.

Many pheasants out for food and then under the Cedar Tree for cover.

The trees were layered in ice.

The north side of of our house.. those are ice covered half downed antennas... and ice covered trees.

Then there is the SNOW and more snow and more in the forecast.

This one looks to be in awe at the ice in the tree .. Independence Road.

Going south - down the hill on East Street.

The old tree that stands north of our house... has lost many branches this past year...

The tree across Highway 141 -- Ann Street.

The trees on Center Street near Jerry Rasmussen's house.

The trees on the creek of the Clarence Lamp farm south of Independence Road.. Al Fara's house in the background.

Our Cork Screw Willow tree in the backyard.

Looking north up to my parents' place.

Beacon and Ruby enjoying the snow.

Again looking south from our house... you can barely see the pond.

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