Bloodhound Anatomy

Bloodhound Standard Visualization, modeled by Ch. Citations Remember the Alamo
Bred and Owned by Camille McArdle, DVM

  Head narrow in proportion to length; long in proportion to body; tapering slightly from temples to end of muzzle;
length from end of nose to stop no less than from stop to back of occiput.
Entire length from occiput to end of muzzle 12 inches or more, males -- 11 or more, females.
Superabundant loose skin falls into loose, pendulous folds.

Skull long, narrow; occiput very pronounced. Also, known as the OCCIPUT.

Eyes deeply sunk; deep hazel to yellow; lids diamond-shaped; brows not prominent.

Nose: Nostrils large, open.

Foreface: long, deep; even width; square in profile.

Lips: fall squarely in front, make right angle with foreface upper line; form deep heavy flews behind;
very pronounced dewlap from deep folds of loose skin about neck. Also, known as the FLEWS..

Ears: low set; extremely long; soft to touch; falling in graceful folds; lower parts curling in and back. Also, known as the LEATHER.

Neck long. Also, known as the CREST.

Shoulders: muscular; well-shaped-back.

Chest: well-let-down between forelegs, forming deep keel.

Ribs: well-sprung.

Stern: long, tapering; set-on rather high; moderate amount of hair underneath; carriage high; not to much curled over back.

Thighs: (and 2nd thighs) very muscular. Loins strong; deep; slightly arched.

Forelegs: straight; large bone; elbows set squarely.

Hocks: well-bent; well-let-down; squarely set.

Feet: strong, well-knuckled-up.

Colors: Black and Tan, Red or Liver and Tan. Darker colors sometimes interspersed with lighter or badger-colored hair.
Small amount of white permissible on chest, feet and tip of stern.

Size: Height: males 25"-27" (average 26 inches) females: 23"-25" (average 24 inches)
Weight: males 110 pounds --  females 90 pounds.
Greater heights and weights preferred, provided character and quality also combined.
Measuring the Height of the Bloodhound

Actually measurement should be taken at the withers which are  the highest point of the back located between the shoulder blades at the base of the neck. Point A to Point B. I would suggest using a smooth solid surface for accuracy.

This is Alamo, son of Tuba and Ruffy.  (CH Citations Remember The Alamo)

Measuring the Bloodhound Head

You measure from the tip of the nose, lay the measuring tape on the foreface (use a cloth tape) and take it to the back of the occiput.
So this would be from Point A to Point C on the bloodhound.

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