FIRST baby-sitting challenge with a 17 month old.

(PLEASE do not attempt this if your dog's temperament
& breeding is unknown or not excellent.)

I think I can get my own water, THANK YOU.

No one is coming, Go For It.

All THREE playing in the water bucket.

Someone is coming, lets make a run for it.
The carpet is a tad bit wet and soggy.

This is where our water bucket is suppose to be KID.

This ear doesn't smell, but it is dirty.

This ear smells and is dirty, Zoey's job is to wash.

Everyone has to have clean ears, it is the RULE.

No you have seen my tongue and teeth twice already.

Yeah, I am a nice doggie.

The KID is BITING my leg, I think he is hungry.

I really like carrots,
I am in position for one of these to come over the side.

KID, your not getting my pig ear no matter what you do!!!!!


Kid, there are three toys that look the same, learn to SHARE.

It is time for you to get up there and take a NAP!!!

The nap maybe helped, you are a loveable KID again.

We lost our water bucket due to all the water on the floor
and you have a BOTTLE. Time to SHARE.

OK, Kid smells better, clean diaper helped.

Mommy will be back in a little while, Don't CRY.

Tuba is bigger, I think he would give a better piggy back ride.

I think it is time for someone to go home.

I know it is time for him to go home.

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