June 2009

Yes, Beeker you got your grandfather's nose...

Thanks Godmother, Linda for this neat Lamby doll.... it is the greatest.. I can now squeak it so it sounds like a lamb... Mommy says
I am getting to be a big boy and have always been a good BOY...

My paw has the same speckles as my Grandpa Tuba's.

Daddy says I am a TALL DRINK OF WATER... I am over 23 inches tall... and weighed 64 pounds.

My favorite TOY... Lamby Doll. I love to go bye bye in the van with Mommy and Daddy, they make sure I have Lamby with me.

July 4, 2009

I had another bath, they are OK, I like it best to be dried off...

Mommy says this is my favorite place to watch the bunnies, baby pheasants, etc. out the window. I use to be scared of the other dog.

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