Welcome to Bo's website. (updated 1/31/09)

Here's the homecoming picture of Bo with his Mom and Dad.

Bo's two legged older brother, Chad wrote:

Thanks for the website, it meant a lot for the family to keep up to date as this all went along.  Bo seems to be loving his new home, and my parents couldn't be happier with their big goofy new friend.  Again, thanks to you and all our many friends out there who helped us through this trying time in our life.  We will always be grateful. Chad Paliotta

Thanks to Chad for keeping us updated and now --

Mom and Dad and Bo Paliotta

BO went HOME on January 24, 2009.

It is my pleasure to report that our boy Bo, went finally to his new home on Saturday.  Mr. and Mrs. Paliottas' son, Chad, came and picked him up around noon.  Rachael Weston, who is my senior tech here at the hospital, and is a tremendous help with the rescues, came in with Sarah and me to see Bo head off.  The Paliottas sent a beautiful plaque with some photos of Bo and a wonderful poem, and a donation check for the rescue.  Bo was his usual sweet happy self, and was understandably reluctant to get in the car.  But with a little encouragement, he jumped up in and laid down, ready again, and at last, for his trip home.  I have to admit I waited like a nervous parent by the phone for the rest of the afternoon until the call came in that everyone was home safe and sound.  The pictures say it all!!  Thanks to everyone who made this rescue a reality.  You can all say you helped save a life, twice, today!


THANK YOU to Dr. Marybeth, her daughter, Sarah, her staff for being there for Bo.
THANK YOU to everyone who helped recover this lost boy after the accident, who freely cross-posted he was missing, tracked down the information and to Natalie Saunders of Shippensburg who found him and got him to the TURN PIKE.
And last, but not least for all the DONATIONS to pay for his surgery after the accident.

THANK YOU to Dr. Marybeth, her daughter, Sarah, her staff for being there for Bo AGAIN.

And I am proud to report, BO's buddy, Daisy has been adopted and she too has her own family.
Dr. Marybeth you are so great in keeping us updated with pictures and medical reports.
We all need HAPPY ENDINGS.

Debbie Stephens & Pamela Herranz have earned the highest KUDOS
each with a donation of $250 - THANK YOU

$1685.50 raised for Bo's medical bills

Every $1 towards Bo's care is greatly appreciated.

Anne Powell was the winner of the pig ears. Thank you on behalf of Bo.
We also sent a box to Bo to share with his buddies at rescue....
November 7, 2008

Update from Dr. Marybeth Cline on Bo:

Time truly does heal all wounds. As you will see in the attached photos, I am happy to report that Bo's wounds have completely healed. Only a small scar remains of what was once a gaping wound.  Bo is continuing to get back into shape, and has gained a considerable amount of weight.  He spends his days playing with his friend Daisy.  They are thick as thieves, wrestling and running all afternoon. We managed to pry them apart to get some pictures  :-).  Daisy has the blue collar and the white spot on her chest.

There will never be enough thanks to everyone for seeing Bo and his family through to a happy ending.  We simply couldn't have done it without all the prayers, support, and love that all of you have shown for this dog and his family. As soon as Bo's new folks are healed up and ready themselves, we will be making this long overdue reunion a reality.  I just can't wait to send on the pictures for that!

Thanks again,

Bo is doing so great. (11/7/08)

Bo and his buddy, Daisy to the left.

Bo and his buddy, Daisy to the left below.

October 13, 2008

What a difference a month makes!  Bo is making terrific progress, and is running and jumping and playing like his old self again.  The wound is so small now, that it can be completely covered with two quarters.  When we started this journey, I couldn't cover it with my whole hand!  We are still cleaning the wound twice daily, but he is off all of his meds, and he only occasionally limps when he overdoes it.  It is looking very likely that a second surgery will not be needed, as the entire wound just shrinks every day.  We have him out in the yard with a few of the quieter rescues so he has some company, and Bo is moving better and re-building the muscle tone in his leg at a great pace.

  Our friend, Steve Hagey, the pet detective from NJ, sent Bo's very favorite stuffed toy back to him last week, and was Bo ever excited!  I don't think he put it down all day!  Steve helped to track Bo when the accident occurred.  He used Bo's toy as a scent article for his dog.

   Bo's mom and dad are slowly but surely healing as well.  We got a call from Mom last week with an update and I was so glad to hear that Mr. Paliotta is in rehabilitation and making good progress.  I told Mom to call us whenever she feels that they are ready for their boy and we will get him out there to his new home and reunite this new family finally.

   There aren't enough "thanks you's" for all the love and support that EVERYONE has shown to Bo and his new family. We couldn't have done this without all the fabulous help and support we have received through all of this.

Thanks always,

Bo gets a scratch from Aunt Trish

The wound is shrinking to such a small size, that a second surgery probably won't be needed.  Look at the improvement in  the muscle tone too!!

October 6, 2008 (Note from Bo's adoptive 2 legged brother, Chad)

On our end things have been moving along - some steps forward, some steps back.  But it looks like there is more good than bad these days.  Mom is at home now, Dad's still in rehab (and we found out yesterday he may have to head back to the hospital since his skin graft isn't progressing well).  We'll see how that goes.  We're still shooting for the holidays as our reunion timeframe.  I heard Bo is doing much better.  I was hoping for some more details and maybe some new pics if they're available.  Let me know the latest whenever you have a chance.  Hope to hear from you soon.


This is BO. He was adopted and on his way to his forever home, with his new mom and dad, John and Virginia Paliotta, when they had a bad accident on August 28, 2008, near Newville, PA on the PA turnpike coming out of the tunnel. His Mom and Dad were transported to Milton Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA. about 40 miles from the scene of the accident. 

Thank you to the nice lady, Natalie Saunders of Shippensburg  who picked Bo up off the turnpike and took him to the PA maintenance workers. GOD BLESS YOU..

Bo was found on September 1, 2008 and remains in the hospital. He was returned to Riverside Vet Hospital, Elizabeth, PA on September 5, 2008 until the whole family has recovered and he can go home to New Jersey. medical update Bo - 9/18

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bo and to his new Mom and Dad as they recover and can be reunited with their big, goofy boy, Bo...  See medical update on Bo's parents 9/10/08

Thank you to all who have donated or made a pledge towards Bo's medical bills, the discharge bill was $1586.00 for the Willow Mills + the Animal Medical Center (the emergency hospital in the same building that did Bo's surgery) and drum roll please, there has been $1482.50 raised so far. As of Friday, September 5, 2008, Bo is back at Riverside Vet Hospital. see medical below

The video on Bo and his new parent's adventure or misfortune -- from Wednesday - September 3, 2008. is now available on line from Channel 27 - get your Kleenex to watch http://cfc.whtm.com/videoondemand.cfm?id=21934

Debbie Stephens & Pamela Herranz have earned the highest KUDOS
each with a donation of $250 - THANK YOU

Bo the big goofy, easy going, red bloodhound is slightly broken ... but getting better!!

Bo, Sarah (3yr old daughter of Dr. Marybeth) and Dr. Marybeth in the dog yard. Sarah offers up a ball to Bo to make him feel better. Bo says Momma says we can't play ball yet. Momma Marybeth says "Bo has a boo-boo and he can't play ball for a while." 

Sarah says is Bo all better NOW Mommy...  so we can play ball ... 

Mommy trying to explain patiently -- what a while means..... 

Now, Sarah is wishing real hard that Bo gets better real soon... 

Bo, looking totally disgusted ... but being a very good boy, so Momma can do her magic touch on his behind. Not sure if Bo is appreciating his pain meds or thinking Trish (vet assistant) just keeps scratching my ears... while Momma Marybeth makes me all better. And Bo hoping his new Momma and Papa have someone who is good as his Dr. Marybeth to look after them. 
(this picture helps explain -- Bo has a long way to go before he will be ready to go his new home. His wounds are cleaned twice daily.) The upcoming surgery is on the rear of Bo. And please read the letter from Bo's human brother, Chad on how Bo's parents are recovering. 
see below 9/10/08.

Nurse Sarah is always quick with the treats!

Cute outfit Sarah- wondering if it comes in my size...??

Rescue friend Larry Allen helps with Bo.

Wound up close, still a ways to go, but as you can see, so much better.
The video on Bo and his new parent's adventure or misfortune -- from Wednesday - September 3, 2008. is now available on line from Channel 27 - get your Kleenex to watch http://cfc.whtm.com/videoondemand.cfm?id=21934
I am asking everyone to please reach deep in your pockets during these tough times and give a little towards Bo's care and family via Riverside Bloodhound Rescue. If you care to donate to this cause, please send a check or money order to:
Dr. Marybeth Cline, DVM
Riverside Vet Hospital
Riverside Bloodhound Rescue (ABC rescue)
512 Second Avenue S
Elizabeth, PA 15037

If you would like to donate via paypal, you can send your donation to mtrul@mmctsu.com and
I will reply with a cc: to Dr. Marybeth, which will include your receipt from paypal and the amount noted below.

If you mail your check to the Riverside Vet Hospital -- please send your pledged amount to me and I will post your donation to this web site,
please email me at atrulli@aol.com or atrulli@mmctsu.com the donation amount and how you wish for your contribution to be noted.

I will keep this page up to Bo's rehabilitation and when he is reunited with his adoptive family.

August 28, 2008 - Beau - whose real name is spelled Bo, was adopted and on his way home Thursday from Riverside Rescue, Elizabeth, PA, when the owners, John and Virginia Paliotta had an accident on the PA turnpike. The accident happened near Newville, PA. The couple were trapped in the car and Bo escaped and took off.

9/1/08 - Thank you to the nice lady, Natalie Saunders of Shippensburg  who picked Bo up off the turnpike and took him to the PA turnpike maintenance workers. GOD BLESS YOU..

9/2/08 -- According to Dr. Cline from Riverside Bloodhound Rescue -- "Bo was taken to the Willow Mills Veterinary in Mechanicsburg where he is, and he is very sore, but recovering well. He had several large lacerations in a rear leg. The wounds were infected and had maggots already, so he must have been injured shortly after he escaped. The surgeon cleaned and debrided the wounds, and he is on lots of meds for pain and antibiotics. "

"Needless to say, the rescue is covering his medical bills, which are approaching $1000.00 as of this morning. At this point, it is uncertain how long he will be in the hospital, probably at least a couple more days, I would think. The other concern, is his family. They are still in the hospital at the last report I got, but recovering. After some discussion with the family, Bo will be coming back here (Riverside Rescue) to recuperate while they recuperate. When everyone is feeling better, they will definitely be reunited.

According to Dr. Cline's email today would be the soonest Bo would be transferred back to Riverside Vet Hospital depending on how he was doing and transportation. Bo will be enroute on Friday 9/5/08 back to his foster home with Dr. Cline. Dr. Cline said Bo is doing good, with pain medications to an already goofy boy, one can only imagine....
It is anticipated Bo will possibly need one more surgery in the near future, to allow the deep wound to heal, then lots of rehab to the leg. Dr. Cline will give me an updated bill once Bo is back to her.

9/5/08, Thank you to all for the offer to help transport Bo back to Riverside Vet Hospital. I had great concern to what Bo had been thru the past week, all the new faces, the trauma, the accident, the transfers between transporters, and how he would do getting back into a vehicle to travel a distance after the accident.

Thank you to Dr. Cline's MOM AND SISTER for fetching Bo back to Riverside Vet Hospital.Bo is back at Riverside Vet Hospital, Elizabeth, PA.

9/6/08 -- Dr. Cline said: "To my joy and relief, Bo arrived back here at Riverside last nite at about 8PM.  My mom and sister said he was an absolute angel in the car the whole way. ( I wasn't sure what he would do since the accident).  He was happy the moment he got out of the car, roamed the entire yard, sniffing around, tail wagging wildly, that big e-collar flush with the ground!  He went right in the hospital, and took me straight back to the kennel area where the rescues are housed. It was like old home week!  All his friends baying and bouncing, and he went right to his old run.  The girls here at the clinic had his bed all made up for him, and he went right in and curled right up and layed down as if to say that he was glad to be home.

The surgeons at Willow Mill did a great job with what they had to work with.  He has some very superficial scrapes on his head, and a large laceration that they repaired and were able to close completely on the front of his rear leg.  The biggest wound is the one on the back of his rear leg.  The doctors were able to close about 1/2 of the hole. He did not lose any muscle, I wasn't sure when I saw the initial pictures, but when I was able to see him, I can say happily it is just a terrible skin wound. The infection seems to be under control very well, and of course, he is continuing his Cephalexin 1000 mg twice daily. He is also on Deramaxx for pain once daily.  He will get his wounds flushed twice daily, but all in all, I think he will get back to normal in the end. At some point in the next few weeks, I think the swelling and infection will be resolved enough that I should be able to take him back to surgery to close the rest of the wound. It is best with these types of wounds to let things settle down first, and work with what you have left.  He is gimping a little on the leg, but I think once things heal there is a very good chance he will walk normally. I am guessing we are looking at another 4-6 weeks of treatment here, and I am hoping to have him healed up and reunited with his family before the holidays.

He usually plays with a big boy named Amos that is here at rescue, and boy was he mad this morning when he couldn't go out running and playing ball with his buddy!  He saw Amos run outside and he was baying and pawing to go out too!  I tried to convince him that ball playing with an e-collar is a little tough at the moment!  :-) He cheerfully ate all his breakfast this morning and is in very good spirits!

I'll keep you posted as to his progress and I will get you  some pics over the weekend.Thanks, Marybeth"

9/8/08 -- Bo is settling in well,  Dr. Marybeth will get pictures of morning treatments with the vet. assistants here this AM.

Dr. Marybeth: Bo continues to do as well as can be expected.  He was a good boy indeed for his morning hydrotherapy.  The wound is as big as your hand across the back of his leg.  We were able to flush the wound with betadyne and novalsan this morning. It still has a lot of swelling, but the wound has started granulating in reasonably well.  I did change up his antibiotics to Baytril, because with the wound being so open, I really want the bigger gun antibiotic.  He is eating well and loves to be hugged and scratched.  He doesn't limp a lot given the size of the wound, although if he sits down to fast or tries to turn too tight, he will yelp a little.

I can't thank everyone enough for all their help, donations, and kind words through all of this.  Bo even got several get well cards today from children in the Harrisburg area that saw his story on the local news!  All the positive energy and good thoughts coming his way surely do help!

I will keep you posted on his progress, but at this point, I am thinking it will be a couple of weeks before any more surgery, just to let things heal and settle down a bit.

Thanks again

A letter from Chad Paliotta, a two legged brother to Bo.

Hi there,

I'm the son of John and Virginia Paliotta and I have been following along on your website to keep myself up to date on Bo's progress since he left Willow Mills.  I can't tell you how much it means to me and the rest of the family to see the amount of effort that has gone into helping us in this time of need.  I still can't believe how much money you all have raised to cover Bo's bills.  I'm lost for words with gratitude.  That being said, I thought you might want an update on his new Mom and Dad to add to the story.

Virginia was released from Hershey Medical Center on Sunday with rib, ankle, and lung issues but we expect that with time she should mend well thanks to her excellent treatment from the very thoughtful hospital staff.  John on the other hand is still in the ICU where we expect he'll stay for a few more weeks at the rate he's healing.  In truth he's made remarkable progress, but he took quite a beating in the accident and we're far from through the woods at this point.  He still has a number of serious health issues to overcome like not breathing entirely on his own yet and he has a long process of therapy and rehabilitation ahead of him before we see the real light at the end of this tunnel but he's a fighter and we look forward to him making a recovery.

I can speak for the whole family when I say that we're all waiting patiently for the day when we can bring Bo home to be a part of our family - a family that has been through so much lately we won't really feel whole without him now.  Our heartfelt thanks to you, to Riverside, Willow Mills, and everyone else who has been a part of the awe-inspiring effort to save our new friend Bo and help to get him where he belongs - home at last after a long road.

kindest regards,

Chad Paliotta

9/11/08 evening medical update.

Bo is doing extremely well, and is in very good spirits.  Yesterday, we spent the entire day trying to outsmart our young mister as he made great sport of removing his e-collar to try to get to his wounds. He is quickly turning back into our fun, ornery boy!!   We have an assortment of styles and sizes, and tried them all!  We would have the collar on, and think we had finally outsmarted him, then we would check back, and Bo would be again liberated from his e-collar, practically smiling and wagging his tail!  We went "back to the old drawing board" 5 times before we found one he left alone (and that required duct tape!)

His wound is already starting to contract down well.  The wound on the back of his leg was initially as big as my entire hand when he came back. Now, it is just the size of my palm. Still a long way to go, but great progress indeed.   He is still getting his hydrotherapy twice daily, and the wounds are only still draining a little. He likes to go for very short walks with my assistants out in the dog yard, and is only barely limping.  I am becoming very optimistic that our boy Bo will make a full recovery. The cards, letters of support, and donations have been just incredible, and I cannot thank enough, everyone who has helped with his recovery with their support.  I will get some more pictures tomorrow.

Thanks again,

9/18/08 medical update by Dr. Marybeth Cline

Had a whole lotta LIFE happen around here this week, so haven't been able to get an update to you as I would have wanted.  Bo is, to put it simply, doing fantastic!  We took the sutures from his first surgery out at the beginning of this week, and his incisions look great.  The big wound on the back of his leg, is 60% smaller than when we started. He doesn't limp at all, unless he turns too fast, then he will gimp a couple of steps.  I really think the odds are good that he won't need a second surgery at the rate the wound is contracting down.  If we do, it won't be much to close.  The body is an amazing thing in it's capacity to heal from tremendous wounds.  I have seen it so many times, and never cease to be amazed by it.  His attitude has recovered equally well.  The only lasting effect of all of this, is that he is very nervous walking near the street now.  He will happily get in a car, but traffic on the street scares him.  He is otherwise completely back to his big, dorky self, and would really like to play with his friends.  We may try him with one of the older quieter dogs next week, if his wounds continue to do as well.

Please find attached some new pics of the boy.  I took some of the wound kind of head on this time, and you can sure see a huge difference. Still a big whole to close, but worlds better.

Thanks again,

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Thank you again for all your help!
The donations will be listed with a note to the highest single donation. (* = paid via paypal)

1586.00   Vet bill at Willow Mills & the Animal Medical Center for Monday night thru discharge on Friday night. (Riverside Rescue guaranteed and paid his bill. Additional funds are still needed.
-50.00       Tuba McArdle-Trullinger
-50.00        Zoey Trullinger
-50.00        Wendy Wesley
-25.00        Kelly Bishop and Prudence (9/2/08) *
-50.00        Shady Lady
-30.00        Jim Buckingham and Jan de Regt (9/4/08) *
-30.00        Claudia Myers (9/4/08) *
-250.00  Debbie Stephens (9/4/08) *
-25.00        Owned by the Hounds, Barb Casciole (9/4/08) *
-100.00       The Hightower Family & Maynard (9/4/08)
-250.00     Pamela Herranz (9/4/08)
-60.00        Jan Cook, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (9/6/08)
-50.00        In Memory of "Floyd" - Mr. Riverside Rescue (9/7/08) *

$1020.00  Raised so FAR...


$566.00     still needed to cover his initial vet bills.

 -25.00    Jacquie Dormer and Bo (9/8/08)
-100.00     Kris Hansen (9/9/08)
  -35.00     Good Luck-- Julie Walthers & Winston (9/10/08)*

$1180 raised so far

   50.00    Marty Kenney
  100.00    Mike and Cindy Andrews
  50.00     Roxanne Chandler
  100.00    Linda Sledge and Tahoe in Alabama *
   10.00    More donated by Owned by the Hounds, Barb Casciole - to put us over the top..*
   50.00    Gotta help this guy that is the splitting image of My 'Lady' whom I also         rescued, but from the dog pound in Homer, Alaska --Allison Long*
132.50    Anne Powell - the pig ear winner...
  15.00    Linda Mokay (9/10/08)

$1685.50 raised so far for the $1586 for the initial vet bills up to 9/5/08.


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