APRIL 2003
Zoey and Tuba are happy to announce the newest visitor to the family:
FLOYD who was born June of 2002.

Tuba teaching his son, Floyd how to jump off the back of the loveseat .....TUBA.....

Not sure what this wrestling hold is called, but they are both sound asleep!!!

OK KIDS, I found the ball in the snow, now you need to find my KONG!!

Mamma, they are playing and they are suppose to help me find my KONG toy!!!

NO, it is my turn --- GO AWAY--

Mamma, she is in my crate ... what do you mean we have to share???

It is STILL TO SMALL, but it is MY TURN!!!

It is just right, I am older and it is my turn.

Call me when it is KIBBLES TIME!!!


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