Our House

The new seamless siding is on and the foundation has been painted a bright white.
We still have some cement work and replacing the front deck.
This is looking to the southwest. It is of ease to have the kids go where we go, they get in the van and we are off.

This is looking to the northeast from the southwest corner of the house. Tuba and Zoey's fenced in pen is to the left,
where they can get into the pen from either the garage, patio or the two outside gates.

Another picture from the west side of the house and the kids' pen.
Now that the outside of the house has been done, we will be expanding the kids' pen.

The winter skies to the west in the winter.

Tuba welcoming friends, family and others to the back door.
Both have figured out one ring is the backdoor and two is for the front door.

Our Kitchen and Dining Room and of course Tuba.


The living room area at Christmas time in 2008. Both have full access of the loft, main floor and basement.
We picked out the leather couch for them, neither one will lay on it.. no matter if it is covered with a thick comforter or not.

Tuba and Zoey in the family room.

Zoey enjoying her nap on the bed. She is never without a pillow under her head. We designed our house with our kids in mind.
Most of the rooms have it where there are two entry or exits.
The dog water is in the shower in the bathroom on the main floor right off the bedroom and main hallway.
The bedrooms, family room, offices, etc. all are large enough to accommodate three large dog beds or crates.
With the use of baby gates I can feed three dogs separately, but where I can see them. 

The downstairs is now finished which includes a storm shelter and full bathing facilities for the kids.

A large open basement where there are two doors going thru each room in a big loop for when it is icy out.

This is the view out the east door of the house. As you maybe able to see, we are on the top of the hill west of Manning.
Close to the center of the picture is a 100+ year old church which was moved from south of town.The church is on the east edge of Manning.

All around our house is what we reference as brome grass, then you can see the empty soybean field, then the yellow is an empty corn field, ball diamond, residential area near the city park.

This is looking to the northeast of our house. You can see the elevator in the middle of the picture (north edge of town), the leaves turning orange, more of the industrial area of Manning right off of Highway 141. (November 4, 2008)

With living in the country we are not without ample wildlife.
Deer are seen several times a week.
The Geese on the pond.
More pictures of Tuba and Zoey and other bloodhounds

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Updated 2/20/09