Welcome to the journey of Lexi and Mabel, who are two redheaded, goofy bloodhound sisters and to introduce you to their guardian angels along the way.

Lexie and Mabel went to their new home last week, their new guardian: Jeffrey Finch, NY.... Congratulations Jeffrey....

Lexi and Mabel were seized with seven other relatives from a backyard breeder in Cleveland, Ohio, by the Cleveland Animal Control on or about September 24, 2012.

Lexi and Mabel are just a year old, born September 14, 2011. They didn’t ask to be born, nor did they ask to live their lives outside, without enough to eat, surviving in their own waste or a place to lay their head that was out of the elements. They didn’t have guardian angels or the normal, typical puppy upbringing of going to the doctor for care, having toys to play with, and sleeping on a couch dreaming those happy dreams or taking walks and socializing with others.

Lexi and Mabel were tested for heartworms and tested positive, so they couldn’t go up for adoption with their parents and siblings – the other 7 who were seized with them. So, they stayed at the Cleveland Animal Control and waited for a rescue to pull them out and get them to safety for a chance of finally having a life and a family to take care of them.

Guardian Angels for Lexi and Mabel:
1.) The Cleveland Animal Control for taking them.
2.) Mary Zitek who went to visit them and made contact to spring them from the shelter.
3.) Emily Williams and the South Central Bloodhound Rescue who did the paperwork and got them released.
4.) Georgette Hannah with Ontario Bloodhound Rescue who contacted their transport coordinator,
5.) Chris Dillenburg who arranged the transport from Cleveland to Elizabeth, PA
6.) Amanda Romeo who took the first leg of their journey.

7.) Deb Otlano who took them on the second part of the journey to safety and letting them run and play. They are thin.

8.) Dr. Marybeth Cline and her staff at the Riverside Vet Clinic who agreed to spay and treat their heartworm condition. Seeing these pictures, you just want to cry when you think of the conditions they endured for year.

Treating heartworms, parasites, spaying them is not cheap even at cost, the heartworm medication is very expensive. For these redheads with the help of their guardian angels will get the chance to start living and enjoying and a new beginning, thanks to their financial guardians who are making  it possible for treatment.

10/5/2012 Update on the girls....
They are happy and running and playful! THEY certainly don't have a clue there is anything wrong with them.  Eating well, finishing up a course of wormer for intestinal parasites, and had their second (should be last) dose of immiticide on Thursday.  Mabel was coughing more than Lexi, but with the antibiotics and prednisone we follow up the HW treatment with, that seems to be dying down.  So all in all, doing very well.
Dr. Marybeth Cline, DVM
Riverside Veterinary Hospital, PC
Noir Bloodhounds

Waiting to hear if Lexi and Mabel got to meet their new Mom and Dad??

9.) Sharon J. Wilson from Tennessee $10
10.) RS & EA Peers t/as FACTS International – Robin and Eileen Peers - (Cilgwri Bloodhounds) from across the POND - $30
11.) Tracy and Keith Favre from Granbury, TX - $100
12.) Prairielands Bloodhound Club - $600.
13.) Linda and Webb Sledge - $200
14.) Beacon and Zubie T. - $60
13.)  Michele Ross-Rockwell - $50 – (In honor of all our healthy, happy bloodhounds who are safe and loved. Hopefully this will help with the vet bills a bit for these poor sweeties. Michele Rockwell Rocky River Bloodhounds Bend, Oregon)
We are at $790 towards the $1,200 needed.
14.) Mary Lou Olszewski (show chair for the 2012 ABC National Specialty) and the Colonial Bloodhound Club for allowing the fundraising for Lexi and Mabel.
15.) John Ritter a board member, bloodhound lover for taking up the cause to sell wristbands and be responsible for collecting at the Nationals. Thanks John for collecting $250 at the ABC Nationals for Lexi and Mabel.
16.) John and Patti Ritter for the $100 donation towards Lexi and Mabel's vetting.
17.) Another $40 was collected and another $50 was received -- waiting for who the guardian donations came from....

I will keep you posted to the updates on Lexi and Mabel and who won the Christmas box of goodies for their four legged kids.

We have collected $1490 - $1200 = $290 and the adoption fees of $400. This $690 extra is being kept for the next one coming in to be vetted. And there is always the next one I am sad to report.

Thank you everyone for helping save these girls and paying forward for the next one.

You can make a donation to mtrul@mmctsu.com via paypal
or send a check directly to Riverside Vet Clinic, 512 S 2nd Ave, Elizabeth, PA 15037

All donations will be eligible for a drawing for a Christmas Box of goodies for your four legged kids which will take place on 11/1/12.

Updated: 11/11/12