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March 19, 2009 (Adoption)
DOB: 8/4/08

Rio has a new younger -- definitely not a little brother, Beacon the Bloodhound...

More pictures of Beacon and Rio
May 11, 2009

More pictures of Beacon

More pictures of Rio and Tuba - March 26, 2009


Hi, my name is Tuba, I am a liver and tan bloodhound going on 13 years of age,
I would like to introduce you to my new little sister, Rio, who is just a young thing, born August 4, 2008.
We would like to Thank Kay Mathews from Lincoln, Nebraska for being Spring's (Rio) Buddy when she was at Hearts United for Animals or HUA.

Spring was so happy that she had a Buddy! Her Buddy, Kay Mathews, from Lincoln, Nebraska, sent her this message: "Good luck. This is from Brady, who taught us to love dogs. I hope you bring as much joy to your new family as he did to ours." Spring sends Kay and her lovely family many happy, grateful puppy kisses, hugs and tail wags. Also, we want Kay to know Tuba and his parents will update you to Spring here.
Spring or Springer was not even looking to us when we called her name, but has responded to Rio, when in trouble O'RIO... her name came from the Spring Oreo package of Cookies. Oreo was a tongue twister, so it went to Rio and O'Rio...
She is a true rescue dog, having done a BIG POOP in her new crate, on her new blanket, new pink stuffy, all over her, with the smell being such to put a pack of bloodhounds to shame less than a mile from the Rescue. By the time I cleaned her up on the side of the road, I was covered, had gone thru the emergency paper towels, wet rags, and realized I didn't have a plastic bag large enough for her new bed to seal it off. Tuba slept between the front seats on the way home as I put the soiled things under the sofa bed in the back and left the windows partially down.

Rio says thanks BIG BRO, Tuba for having me... Rio weighs 10 pounds and Tuba weighs 120.

Tuba follows Rio around the yard and will protect her.

Tuba tells her she needs to ask like a HOUND DOG... she says like this and smell the ground..

Tuba is giving her great supervision... good role model to be A GREAT HOUND.

Rio says I am also part Terrier, so I can teach Tuba how to run with his ears straight up...

O' RIO, you are so cute...

Since I wasn't here at Christmas, I got my toys today a little late.

Tuba thinks Rio is doing a good job in getting the HOUND DOG walk down really good.

O'Rio are you to be on the table? I think NOT.. even if those are your papers.... She jumped from the back of the chair to the table.
Tuba promised me he will not teach her to get on the refrigerator.

Rio with her pink rabbit... who made it thru the washer and is all clean...

Rio and Tuba taking a nap together. Rio does pretty good until Tuba starts running in his SLEEP...

Rio does not realize how small she is compared to Tuba as she is stealing his pig ear... she did it tonight...
Tuba just goes to the closest parent for intervention versus attempting to retrieve it himself.
Rio is getting a little better about honoring Tuba's space and his being FIRST.

I put Rio in Tuba's wire crate in the bedroom her first night... she laid down and went to sleep on her bed. I left a part of the crate with paper.
This a.m. she had not made a peep all night... her crate bed was dry, papers were dry.. YIPPY...
The second night in her crate we had a repeat of the first night, not a peep, dry bed, etc.

Rio has been with us for 48 hours now... the first day we hit 50/50 on potty training, yesterday we had one accident and so far today, NONE.  She is really getting the hang of it.YEAH RIO... we did find a payoff with it being sliced Kraft cheese, now we have gone to a soft liver/cheese treat. Mark went shopping and found some more treats to use for other training purposes.
She is quite the cuddle bug... and so alert and smart.
She is running to greet Mark at the back door at night.

March 21, 2009
Rio went up and bit Tuba... which couldn't be ignored by him and our intervention hasn't worked...
HE needed to give her a clear message of expectations.

O'Rio you can run, but you can't hide... from the Tuba.

Tuba lets off his BAY, she had yet to hear.... which sent her to the recliner...

Tuba lets her know O'RIO -- the next time you bite me you better find a better place then Momma's chair...
Momma is not going to protect your sorry butt.

Now, Tuba is laying in front of my chair sleeping and Rio is laying on her bed.
Tuba finally decided to let her come back on the recliner and all is WELL.
Tuba does really good with the young and the DUMB and he will reserve JUDGMENT on O'RIO...
who can claim both in her defense.

March 23, 2009

Little Sister if you put a hole in my blanket, I will be taking yours...


Rio.... I dare you to do that again.... OH TUBER, I was just messing with ya... Big GUY!!

Tuba is back to being Tuba and has a JOB to fulfill with O'RIO..
Rio has no fear of Tuba...

More pictures of Rio and Tuba - March 26, 2009

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