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Health Issues to Consider

SEDATION/ANESTHESIA:  A fairly large percentage of a Bloodhound's weight is in skin and bone, so the  total muscle mass in a 100-pound Bloodhound is far less than in a 100-pound Rottweiler.  Our breeder/vet told us to have the vet calculate dosages at 2/3 of their weight, rather than at their full weight.

EYE CARE:  Since a Bloodhound eye shows more haw then many other breeds, a small amount of discharge daily is normal.  This discharge may increase during times of high wind or pollen counts.  Mild conjunctivitis may also be apparent during these times, but corneal edema or keratitis should not.  The eyes should be wiped out gently once a day. Be careful not to let your hound put their head out of a moving vehicle as this can cause serious eye injury due to flying debris, bugs, etc.

EAR CARE:  The dog's ears should be cleaned at least weekly during warm weather and at least monthly during the winter.  The product I prefer is the Hound Ear Cleaner. A thorough flushing/cleaning under sedation once or twice a year is a good idea for any Bloodhound that seems to have sensitive ears.

SKIN:  The area between the flews or dewlaps can easily develop a chronic dermatitis if it stays damp.  I use the hound cleaner to wipe the area then put on Gold Bond powder. The hound cleaner is also effective for acute moist dermatitis between the toes during the summer.

ORTHOPEDIC:  Bloodhounds can develop hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and OCD in the shoulder, even when bred from clear parents.  For this reason it is best to keep the dog on the lean side during the first two years of life and to maintain appropriate weight for the lifetime.

GASTROINTESTINAL:  Gastric torsion is frequently a problem in this breed.  The following link is about bloat and GDV surgery, please print it off and give to your veterinarian and keep a copy in all vehicles for emergencies.

 Medical and Surgical Considerations regarding bloat in the BLOODHOUND
by Dr. John Hamil

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Merck Vet Manual

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